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Savory Peach Tarts

Puff Daddy Pastry in the house! I recently bought a basket of peaches from a local farmer’s market and per usual I realized my eyes were bigger than my stomach so I needed to get creative and find ways to eat up these peaches!  So I decided to make some savory peach tarts.  These savory… Continue reading Savory Peach Tarts

Rosemary burgers
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Whole30 Hamburgers [Whole30, Paleo]

Sounds basic, but doesn’t taste it. I feel like I have an uphill battle on getting y’all to understand how good these Whole30 hamburgers are.  I know it is so easy to buy premade burgers in the freezer or meat section of the grocery store, or even just grab a pound of ground beef and… Continue reading Whole30 Hamburgers [Whole30, Paleo]