Meet Virginia

You can’t wait to…right?

If you take a scroll through my feeds or blog, you will see simple recipes, references to 90s and 00s pop culture, life hacks, a few cute cats, real life suburbia encounters (HOA, anyone?), several Real Housewives references, my opinions (To quote Tamra, from RHOC “That’s my opinion!!!”), and a few “I can’t believe my husband did….” stories.  

That’s great and all, but why do I like cooking so much and why did I start this blog?

By day, I work in the software industry and manage development projects, but by night and the weekend, I am in the kitchen.  I am that classic Type A individual and  grew up as an overachiever and wannabe perfectionist  (truth be told, I still am).  In high school, I took all the IB/AP classes (That is still a thing right?  Did I just date myself by putting that in there?) and had a bookbag bigger than me and a best friend who studied with me at lunch for tests we inevitably would get A’s on.  When I would get home, after marching band practice (“This one time, at band camp…” is said A LOT) before tackling my mountain of homework, I would fill a cereal bowl of Chex Mix and veg out watching TV.  The Food Network was my go-to.  

I would watch Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee, 30-Minute Meals with Rachael Ray, Calorie Commando, Molto Mario, Barefoot Contessa….the list goes on.  My favorites that I really connected with were 30-Minute Meals and Semi-Homemade Cooking.  There was something about Sandra and Rachael’s efficiency that drew me towards them.  This idea that you could have a home cooked meal in minimal time with help from the store or work you did ahead of time (now known as meal prep) was okay.  Time being so scarce and me being the impatient, results driven person that I am, I thrived with this type of cooking.  The “quick, simple, use what you have, take shortcuts where you can, it does not have to be perfect” mentality really taught me that cooking is attainable for everyone, and in my case, this included the teenager who was trying so desperately to fit into the “everyone in the family eats dinner together” vibe.  

I still have this “efficiency” mindset when I cook today.  I am known to throw stuff together based on what we have on hand and “it is actually pretty good” in the words of my husband.  I don’t typically make my mayo from scratch (Whole30ers, don’t @ me).  And don’t you dare make me bake a pie crust from scratch because I can buy packs of two for a few dollars at the store and they taste just the same.  But, I enjoy this tangible outcome I get at the end of cooking and I enjoy taking liberties and creativity with the ingredients and combinations of flavors I use.  This is why I love cooking so much.  None of my recipes are difficult and I cook everything from Whole30 to the most buttery, sugary desserts you will find, but they are all simple and yummy–what more could you want?

Do you remember when I mentioned I work in the software industry?  Maybe not because it was forever ago, but I promise I said it.  Well, my career has always played a big role in my life.  I dedicate so much of my time, effort, and mental space to succeeding at my 9-5 (or 7:30 AM to Whenever I crack open the wine PM), which leaves little room for cooking.  During this quarantine, I am working on finding hobbies that bring me joy, and cooking and writing this blog are some of those.  (These hobbies also include pilates and barre classes to make up for all said cooking.)  It is hard to not get caught up in how many likes or followers or comments or page views you have, but I am trying really hard to maintain this blog for my joy and sharing with you that you can also do this too–whether it is making a certain recipe, liking a paleo or Whole30 dish, doing a Whole30, starting a blog, or following a dream.  I believe in you and I am here to share my experience with you in hopes that it will help you succeed in whatever you are doing.

Congratulations, you have reached the end of this super long blog post! (You might as well have just run a marathon based on the endurance that took.) 

Thanks for reading!


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