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Steak Marinade [Whole30, Paleo]

Not every steak technically needs a marinade, but once you try this marinade you will do this all with all your steaks. I used to marinate my steak in salt, pepper, and worcheshire sauce.  But then I did a whole30 and realized that worcheshire sauce has sugar, so I had to get creative with how… Continue reading Steak Marinade [Whole30, Paleo]

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The Midnight Sun Martini

As delicious as blood is to a vampire. (Get ready for all the Twilight references.)  Back in 2005, I was in high school and too self-absorbed to pay attention to the little phenomenon called Twilight.  Fast forward several years, and Stephanie Meyer put out four books to create the Twilight Saga we know today.  Kristen… Continue reading The Midnight Sun Martini

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Cookie Dough Chia Pudding [Vegan, GF, DF, Paleo option]

Previously proven by Cookie Crisp, you can also have cookies for breakfast with this recipe.   I love cookie dough just as much as any normal, sane person (IE: ALOT), so it was natural that I wanted to create a cookie dough chia pudding recipe based on my original chia pudding recipe (which is also fantastic). … Continue reading Cookie Dough Chia Pudding [Vegan, GF, DF, Paleo option]

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Melody’s Maple Blondies

Who the heck is Melody? I know what you are thinking.  “Who is Melody and why are these her Maple Blondies?  And if they are her Maple Blondies, why aren’t they on her blog?”  Well my precious readers, Melody is a friend of mine (I hear my husband already hollering “She was my friend first!”)… Continue reading Melody’s Maple Blondies

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Bacon Wrapped Asparagus [Whole30, Paleo]

Looks fancy. Easy to make. Normally when I have steak, I love some sort of white potato as the accompaniment (mashed potato, baked potato, oven roasted potatoes--I don’t discriminate).  It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that I should probably have SOME sort of color or green vegetable on my plate too, which… Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Asparagus [Whole30, Paleo]

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Greek Shrimp Salad [Paleo, Whole30]

I am pretty sure the only thing that makes this Greek are the crackers I recommend to top this salad, but I am just going with it.   One of the first meals I ate out after my first Whole30 was at Taziki’s and I got their Greek Salad with grilled shrimp.  However, I removed olives… Continue reading Greek Shrimp Salad [Paleo, Whole30]

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Roasted Red Peppers [Whole30, Paleo, Vegan]

Turns out you can make roasted red peppers at home and don’t have to buy them from a jar. I love roasted red peppers on two things: salads and bruschetta.  Ok now that I am thinking about it, I also love them on pizzas and in enchiladas, so maybe I should not pigeonhole myself so… Continue reading Roasted Red Peppers [Whole30, Paleo, Vegan]

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Tuesday Tips: Making Simple Syrup

Lemon Drop Martin made with simple syrup. With bars still closed and quarantine vibes still in full swing, I have been making more and more “fancy” cocktails at home. And by “fancy,” I just meant that it’s not just a vodka soda that I am making.  Most recipes I am following or testing require simple… Continue reading Tuesday Tips: Making Simple Syrup

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Easy Garlic Shrimp [Whole30, Paleo]

Who are you calling a shrimp? When I was growing up, the garlic shrimp we would have came from a frozen package and I am sure had an entire stick of butter in it.  Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious.  However, it was not the cleanest and healthiest option by today’s standards.  So I… Continue reading Easy Garlic Shrimp [Whole30, Paleo]